Volunteering With BCCA

Nothing is more rewarding than serving your community. Whether you’re a regular volunteer or trying it out for the first time, there’s always room for more hands on deck.

Volunteering Opportunities

Bragg Creek Days 2022

Are you new to the area? Did you know volunteering is the best way to meet your new community? Or have you missed giving back? Bragg Creek Days is a fun day full of activities and choices in where to pitch in. Oh, and it’s the best way to get into this free event for free. 😆 Click the button and sign up today. We NEED YOU!

BCCA Board of Directors

The BCCA is actively recruiting passionate community members to serve on the Board of Directors. 

Our Mission: The BCCA and the Bragg Creek Community Centre support the greater Bragg Creek area through programs, events, and services that build community responsibility and sustainability to current and future generations.

Our Vision: Our community is connected and engaged through our welcoming and vibrant community centre.

What does the board do?
The BCCA Board is an OPERATIONAL BOARD that oversees the management and affairs of the Association based on the By-laws and direction of the majority of its members
The following skills would be beneficial:
Leadership • Finance/Accounting • Business acumen
Board governance • Fundraising • Event Planning
What is in it for you?
• Opportunity to make positive change in your community.
• Opportunity to enhance your leadership and communication skills.
• Exposure to community issues.
• Experience in policy development and organizational governance
• Opportunity to participate in the long and short term strategic direction of the Bragg Creek Community Association and the Community Center.
• Opportunity to meet new people in the community – neighbours, local businesses, local organizations, health care providers, and more!
What positions are available?
President – 2 year term ending October 2023
Vice President – 2 year term ending October 2023
Treasurer – 2 year term ending October 2023
Up to 5 more Directors – 2 year terms ending October 2023

The River Dragonfly Rink Volunteers

We want you! The River Dragonfly Rink is looking for Volunteers. 
We are a super fun group of people who wanted to meet new people and give back to the community. Not sure if you can help? You can! We have jobs from ice maintenance to fundraising.

Other Opportunities

We are always looking for more volunteers.
Please email us to enquire about how you can help.