AGLC Raffle Licence #582280

  1. Raffle rules will be posted on
  2. Tickets shall not be sold to persons less than 18 years of age and ticket purchasers must reside in Alberta.
  3. Beginning on October 25th, 2021, a maximum of 500 entries will be accepted until 7:00pm on Thursday, December 16th, 2021 (the Entry Period). Only the approved number of tickets will be printed
  4. Entry fee is $15.
  5. Tickets are available through any member of the Bragg Creek Rink Committee. (email to contact a Committee Member). There will be volunteers selling at various locations throughout the hamlet, please check website or social media for updates
  6. The draw is open to the public, and will be held at the Bragg Creek Community Centre (#23 White Avenue, Bragg Creek, Alberta, T0L 0K0) on December 18, 2021.
  7. Tickets will be manually drawn from a container. Process will follow all AGLC guidelines.
  8. The draw will take place on December 18th, 2021 The winners will be declared as follows:
    • 6th Ticket Drawn: 1st Prize (20 Packs of Beer, Meat valued at $250.00: Total Value $550)
    • 5th Ticket Drawn: 2nd Prize (10 packs of Beer, Meat valued at $250.00: Total Value $400)
    • 3rd Ticket Drawn: 4th Prize (10 Packs of Beer: Total Value: $150)
    • 4th Ticket Drawn: 3rd Prize (20 Packs of Beer: Total Value $300)
    • 2nd Ticket Drawn: 5th Prize (10 Packs of Beer: Total Value: $150)
    • 1st Ticket Drawn: 6th Prize (Brewery Tasting & Tour for 4, Growler + Refill, Toque: Total Value: $150)

No drawn tickets will be re-entered back into the draw

  1. There is no cash alternative for the prizes.
  2. Winner does NOT need to be present to win.
  3. If a ticket is purchased by a group, any prize will be awarded to the first name on the ticket. Groups are encouraged to have an agreement respecting the sharing of prizes. The Bragg Creek Community Association does not accept any responsibility to notify others listed on a ticket of any prize won.
    • Groups cannot sell portions or shares of individual raffle tickets. Prizes will only be awarded to the person listed on the ticket
  4. Raffle tickets may be sold for cash only. No credit card, cheques, or e-transfers.
  5. Employees, board members and volunteers of the Bragg Creek Community Centre, the Bragg Creek Rink Committee, and their family members may participate in the lottery through the purchase of tickets.
  6. Winners will be notified by a phone call to the phone number registered on the entry ticket and by one email to the email address registered on the ticket entry, on the same day of the draw.
    • Winners have 7 days to acknowledge, and 14 days to pick-up prize.
    • Prize winners must pick up the prize at their expense, the Bragg Creek Community Association is not responsible for shipment of the prize to the winner.
    • If a winner does not acknowledge or pick up the prize within the above timelines, another ticket will be drawn for the prize not claimed.
  7. The Bragg Creek Community Association will publish winning ticket numbers on the Bragg Creek Community Centre page. No name will be published – only ticket numbers.
  8. Ticket Purchasers agree to provide their first and last name, contact phone number, mailing address and email address on the entry ticket.
  9. Total value of tickets sold by December 1, 2021 must exceed $4,500 or a draw extension may be requested.
  10. All ticket sales are final.
  11. Companies will not be contracted to sell tickets; we will use volunteers only.
  12. Tickets must be in two parts and consecutively numbered.
  13. The stub will be retained by the charity. The ticket purchasers’ name, address, telephone number, and email will be included on the ticket. The ticket stub will include the information that the buyer is over the age of 18 years and that the ticket was/is purchased in Alberta.
  14. On the ticket portion retained by the purchaser we will include: BCCA address and contact information, draw date and location, ticket #, # of tickets printed, ticket price, license #, Prizes awarded ‘As is”, must be 18 years of age or older to purchase and reside in Alberta
  15. The ticket # and AGLC License # will be printed on each ticket.
  16. Tickets copies will be provided to the AGLC upon request.